OSHA Introduces New Safety Program in Nebraska

OSHA recently launched a safety focused program in Nebraska for workers in the meat processing industry. The new safety program is being introduced because according to recent studies, Nebraskans that work in the meat processing industry are at a higher risk for injury.
This new program puts the focus on educating the employers on the common hazards found in the meat processing industry. Machine guarding, repetitive motion injuries, process safety management, control of hazardous energy, and musculoskeletal injuries are some of the topics of discussion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ shows 7.5% of all meat processing workers reported experiencing illness and/or injury in 2014.
This new Nebraska safety emphasis program for the meat processing industry brings with it more education and outreach to really help employers eliminate and prevent hazardous working conditions commonly found in the meat processing industry.
Workplace illnesses, injuries, and fatalities are totally preventable when employers utilize a health and safety program focused on employee training, hazard identification, and corrective actions.   Workers in the meat processing industry can suffer from many injuries due to repetitive motions like injuries in their ligaments, joints, nerves, muscles, and tendons. OSHA aims to reduce these negative physical effects on workers through this new safety program and with the use of ergonomic stressors.

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