BLOG: Pump Repair 101

Think of your company like a thriving human body. You take care of it, feed it, and keep it in shape so it can perform today as well as tomorrow.

Your production line, and the products that come off of it, are your life blood. That means the components on that line, your equipment, are like vital organs. You need that equipment performing well to keep your company healthy.

If your business depends on a pump, specifically a PD (Positive Displacement) pump, you’re in luck! These rock solid pumps — used widely in the food, dairy, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries — can be rebuilt for a fraction of their replacement cost. It’s relatively fast and easy to get these pumps back on-line for your operation. Best of all, these repairs make your PD pump as good as new (guaranteed 95% capacity of a new pump).

After inspection of your PD pump by our certified pump repair specialist, inside and out, you’ll know the final cost for getting that important piece of equipment back to proper health and functionality. Often, that could be as simple as new seals, seal kits, and bearings. Sometimes, these basic repairs will also entail brand new rotors.

Within 1-2 weeks of total time, your PD pump will be completely cleaned, repainted, rebuilt and back to your plant. It will be healthy again. Total cost is generally no more than 40-50% of replacement cost. You really can’t beat that for a 95% capacity new pump!

Just do the basic math: Keep using your tried-and-true equipment, and those costs will pay for themselves within two (2) repair cycles. That’s an outstanding deal! For the cost of purchasing new equipment, you can keep your line running smoothly for months and years to come. It’s almost like placing a brand new organ in your body.

Knowing what’s involved for maintaining your equipment is essential to the health of your business. Repairing your PD pumps when needed, for a fraction of the cost, can keep your company thriving today and growing tomorrow.

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We have an immediate opening for intermediate level Field Service Technicians. This position provides in-house and field repairs to support the entire Harvill Industries product line, including plate heat exchangers, homogenizers, pumps, and valves.

Serving the needs of our customers may require travel for extended periods of time, and will sometimes require traveling on short notice. Technicians should be capable of upselling by recommending additional parts and services as appropriate while on-site.

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We have openings for both senior level and entry level sales professionals. We offer technical training on our products and services, providing unparalleled support to build your career in a high-demand industry.

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We have an immediate opening for a Sales Support Specialist who can
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