Polaris Industires Consolidating Manufacturing to Better Leverage Plant Capacity

Minneapolis, MN (April 24, 2017) — Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced that it is making two changes to its manufacturing network to consolidate production of like products and better leverage plant capacity. Changes include: Discontinuing manufacturing at its plant in Milford, Iowa, and transferring Milford production to existing Polaris facilities in Huntsville, Ala.; Roseau, Minn.; and Anaheim, Calif. The Milford location will be repurposed as a storage/warehouse facility to support the nearby Spirit Lake, Iowa, Polaris plant, which will [...]

Crystal Pepsi on the Comeback, Pepsico Says.

According to PepsiCo, the iconic crystal clear cola will be available this summer across major retail locations beginning July 11th in Canada and August 8th in the US. The company launched the beverage all the way back in 1992, but pulled it from retail store shelves just two years later in 1994. The decision to revive Crystal Pepsi comes from an unwavering popular trend of companies leveraging their consumers’ fond memories of past products to boost sales.

Oreo Cookie Manufacturer Mondelez to Buy Hershey; Hershey Says No.

On Thursday Hershey shot down a buyout offer from Mondelez, maker’s of the Oreo cookie brand. Hershey confirmed getting a preliminary offer from Mondelez for that offered money and stocks totaling $107 for each share of Hershey Co. common stock. That would bring value the value of the deal to roughly $22.3 billion. Hershey turned down this initial offer, and a Mondelez spokesperson, Valerie Moens, didn’t want to comment on whether the company would make a new offer.

Plant Automation

Plant Automation in Food Manufacturing

Who executes your company’s specific manufacturing processes better than your most efficient employees, with or without automation? If you said “no one”, then you answered correctly. Your best operators streamline your operation — but your best operators can’t be at the plant 24 hours a day. Other less experienced or knowledgeable employees will need to fill in, and the plant manager will expect the same consistent high quality and output goals to be met.

Training for Ballast Water Treatment Retrofits

With the market for retrofitting facilities with Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment systems in full swing, the ability for suppliers to deliver treatment systems will be just one cog in a much larger machine. Alfa Laval have created a brand new comprehensive training program that helps engineering companies learn how to work with the PureBallast Alfa Laval is preparing to meet this new retrofit boom head on.

OSHA Introduces New Safety Program in Nebraska

OSHA recently launched a safety focused program in Nebraska for workers in the meat processing industry. Machine guarding, repetitive motion injuries, process safety management, control of hazardous energy, and musculoskeletal injuries are some of the topics of discussion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ shows 7.5% of all meat processing workers reported experiencing illness and/or injury in 2014.

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Facility

When you choose the ideal site for a new food manufacturing, processing, or packaging plant, you should first ask yourself a very important question: “How will this new location help my company thrive?” If you put together a solid business plan based on the type of goods sold and the quantity of the goods you will produce. By asking yourself that question you can create a certain criteria for each site that you consider. You should look at several [...]

Adapting to Resealable Food Packaging Technology

Although resealable food packaging still gains in popularity, there are still some companies out there that haven’t really thought about making the decision to change from the old and outdated forms of packaging due to misconceptions about the costs involved. In the past it used to be more expensive to add a resealable feature to food packaging, which some companies viewed as a little too risky. But now, thanks to a new option called “pre-applied zipper film” these companies [...]

Chobani Greek Yogurt Expanding Product Line

Industry leading Greek yogurt brand Chobani is hedging their bets in case the Greek yogurt trend dies down. By diversifying the company’s portfolio and trying their hand in other areas of your local supermarket that features a series of traditional Mediterranean shared spreads; Chobani Meze Dips and on the go protein they’re calling Drink Chobani.   The new Meze Dips will come with fresh vegetables and delicious Greek Yogurt blended with herbs and spices. Each Meze Dip will [...]

Big Data Food Manufacturing

How Big Data Changed the Food Manufacturing Industry

The Internet of Things is still permeating in the minds of the people responsible for making the technological decisions in all areas of most industries. Recent estimates theorize that the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet’s financial impact nearing trillions of dollars, the big data that these new technologies create are getting larger and larger in volume every day. That means that having an analytical eye for understanding the data produced by these technologies has become critical to analyzing [...]