May 2017

Polaris Industires Consolidating Manufacturing to Better Leverage Plant Capacity

Minneapolis, MN (April 24, 2017) — Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) today announced that it is making two changes to its manufacturing network to consolidate production of like products and better leverage plant capacity. Changes include: Discontinuing manufacturing at its plant in Milford, Iowa, and transferring Milford production to existing Polaris facilities in Huntsville, Ala.; Roseau, Minn.; and Anaheim, Calif. The Milford location will be repurposed as a storage/warehouse facility to support the nearby Spirit Lake, Iowa, Polaris plant, which will [...]

July 2016

Crystal Pepsi on the Comeback, Pepsico Says.

According to PepsiCo, the iconic crystal clear cola will be available this summer across major retail locations beginning July 11th in Canada and August 8th in the US. The company launched the beverage all the way back in 1992, but pulled it from retail store shelves just two years later in 1994. The decision to revive Crystal Pepsi comes from an unwavering popular trend of companies leveraging their consumers’ fond memories of past products to boost sales.

Oreo Cookie Manufacturer Mondelez to Buy Hershey; Hershey Says No.

On Thursday Hershey shot down a buyout offer from Mondelez, maker’s of the Oreo cookie brand. Hershey confirmed getting a preliminary offer from Mondelez for that offered money and stocks totaling $107 for each share of Hershey Co. common stock. That would bring value the value of the deal to roughly $22.3 billion. Hershey turned down this initial offer, and a Mondelez spokesperson, Valerie Moens, didn’t want to comment on whether the company would make a new offer.

April 2016

Plant Automation

Plant Automation in Food Manufacturing

Who executes your company’s specific manufacturing processes better than your most efficient employees, with or without automation? If you said “no one”, then you answered correctly. Your best operators streamline your operation — but your best operators can’t be at the plant 24 hours a day. Other less experienced or knowledgeable employees will need to fill in, and the plant manager will expect the same consistent high quality and output goals to be met.

Training for Ballast Water Treatment Retrofits

With the market for retrofitting facilities with Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment systems in full swing, the ability for suppliers to deliver treatment systems will be just one cog in a much larger machine. Alfa Laval have created a brand new comprehensive training program that helps engineering companies learn how to work with the PureBallast Alfa Laval is preparing to meet this new retrofit boom head on.

March 2016

OSHA Introduces New Safety Program in Nebraska

OSHA recently launched a safety focused program in Nebraska for workers in the meat processing industry. Machine guarding, repetitive motion injuries, process safety management, control of hazardous energy, and musculoskeletal injuries are some of the topics of discussion. The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ shows 7.5% of all meat processing workers reported experiencing illness and/or injury in 2014.

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Facility

When you choose the ideal site for a new food manufacturing, processing, or packaging plant, you should first ask yourself a very important question: “How will this new location help my company thrive?” If you put together a solid business plan based on the type of goods sold and the quantity of the goods you will produce. By asking yourself that question you can create a certain criteria for each site that you consider. You should look at several [...]

Adapting to Resealable Food Packaging Technology

Although resealable food packaging still gains in popularity, there are still some companies out there that haven’t really thought about making the decision to change from the old and outdated forms of packaging due to misconceptions about the costs involved. In the past it used to be more expensive to add a resealable feature to food packaging, which some companies viewed as a little too risky. But now, thanks to a new option called “pre-applied zipper film” these companies [...]

Chobani Greek Yogurt Expanding Product Line

Industry leading Greek yogurt brand Chobani is hedging their bets in case the Greek yogurt trend dies down. By diversifying the company’s portfolio and trying their hand in other areas of your local supermarket that features a series of traditional Mediterranean shared spreads; Chobani Meze Dips and on the go protein they’re calling Drink Chobani.   The new Meze Dips will come with fresh vegetables and delicious Greek Yogurt blended with herbs and spices. Each Meze Dip will [...]

February 2016

Big Data Food Manufacturing

How Big Data Changed the Food Manufacturing Industry

The Internet of Things is still permeating in the minds of the people responsible for making the technological decisions in all areas of most industries. Recent estimates theorize that the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet’s financial impact nearing trillions of dollars, the big data that these new technologies create are getting larger and larger in volume every day. That means that having an analytical eye for understanding the data produced by these technologies has become critical to analyzing [...]

Rahr and Sons

Rahr & Son’s Brewing Co. Expands Into Oklahoma

Rahr & Son's Brewing Co., One of Texas’ biggest and most recognizable craft breweries has plans to expand their operations to the state of Oklahoma. Beginning March 1st, craft beer enthusiasts will be able to find Rahr & Sons many different beers on tap at bars and in retail stores throughout the Sooner state. The first Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. beers that will be available in Oklahoma will be my personal favorite Ugly Pug (named after a dog [...]

Asahi Makes Offer to AB InBev to Acquire Peroni, Grolsch, and Meantime

AB InBev recently received an offer of $2.85 billion for three beer brands in their portfolio. The three brands are Peroni, Grolsch, and Meantime. If the new deal goes through, it may help AB InBev with the regulatory issues concerning their pending merger with SABMiller. The offer to purchase the three European brands comes from Japanese brewery Asahi Group Holdings, and if the deal goes through it would help AB InBev get one step closer to completing their giant [...]

Natural Flavoring and Colors in Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing firm General Mills Inc. has long been determining the perfect natural food colouring agents. With using fruits, greens and spices, they’re attempting to exchange synthetic food coloring that will go well with the palate of customers with out compromising the general enchantment and style of the food shoppers have gotten used to.   It has been reported that Individuals have gotten involved over synthetic meals coloring, flavorings, dyes, and preservatives. This growing demand from customers prompted food [...]

January 2016

Food Processing in the Agriculture Business

The Cumberland Area Economic Development Corp. (CAEDC) has recently finalized the Strategic Financial Development Plan, authorized by the Board of Commissioners on Dec. 7th, for Cumberland County. Within the plan, the focused trade for the focus space of Business Attraction shall be agribusiness with a selected emphasis on food processing and manufacturing. 

The world’s strategic location, plentiful and fertile farmland, expert workforce, and complete infrastructure permits merchandise to get to market rapidly and at an affordable price. These are [...]

New Food Packaging Additive WESTON 705

The recent increased interest in the consumer wellness movement for more wholesome food and ingredients has made major companies like Nestle and Kraft jump on the trend by eliminating artificial ingredients. Now food and beverage companies are looking at food packaging as the next big step in food safety. Back in the early years of 2000, many groups representing concerned consumers began questioning the use of bisphenol A, BPA, in baby bottles and other food and beverage containers. Then [...]

Robotics in Food Processing Industry

Continued advances in automation and robotics are making the worldwide food processing and manufacturing industries safer, more environmentally friendly and in a position to deliver larger profits, in response to TOMRA Sorting Food.   The main food sorting machines producer believes that these enhancements aren’t only essential to boost yield, but additionally inevitable as automation and robotics proceed to evolve.   Analysis by Grant Thornton gives credence to this claim. The worldwide enterprise consultancy’s current international survey of 2,751 [...]

Engineering Change for Female Engineers

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) launched an inspiring new video about ladies in engineering during the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) convention not too long ago. The movie, Engineering Change, features quite a lot of outstanding business leaders, together with Michèle Dix, Managing Director, Crossrail 2 and Rachel Skinner, a Director at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, who speak in regards to the obstacles that women often face within the engineering world.   In addition, they cite the [...]

December 2015

Texas Craft Beer Breweries

Senate to Rule on AB InBev SABMiller Merger

The Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller merger that was announced earlier in November of this year will be subjected to a United States Senate hearing next week, according to a statement made by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. The Senate hearing is due to be overseen by the Judiciary Committee’s antitrust subcommittee on the 8th of December. The AB InBev and SABMiller deal would form the largest beer conglomerate in human history. The deal was proposed back in November that [...]

November 2015

Makers Mark

Maker’s Mark Expansion: Projecting 2 Million Cases by 2020

The owners of Kentucky bourbon brand Maker’s Mark are expanding operations with a plan that will cost a reported $67 million. This costly but necessary upgrade includes plans for a brand new still. I say the expansion is necessary because just a few short years ago the bourbon brand made waves among consumers when they tried to put less alcohol in each bottle of their bourbon in order to make their supply last longer. Luckily they understood the error [...]

Blue Bell

Blue Bell Resumes Production in Texas

Blue Bell Creameries, makers of the Blue Bell ice cream you know and love, has resumed producing products at their facility in Brenham, Texas. The facility in Brenham is just one of many that Blue Bell was forced to close months ago due to a Listeria outbreak that contaminated their dairy products. Several people became ill as a result of the outbreak, and Blue Bell issued a voluntary recall that saw millions of gallons of ice cream destroyed. Not [...]

Hershey Chocolate

The Hershey Company is Going All Natural

Hershey, the chocolate brand we all know and love has began making chocolate without the use of artificial ingredients. Hershey is the latest food and beverage manufacturer to jump on the consumer trend of all natural products.. Starting this holiday season, Hershey will offer Hershey’s Kisses and Hershey's chocolate bars that are completely void of artificial ingredients. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy recent trend in transparency among food and beverage producers, and it’s all thanks to consumers [...]

Plate Heat Exchanger Service - Clean Test & Regasketing

Specing Heat Exchangers? Consider the Food and Beverage BaseLine

Are you in the process of spec'ing your heat exchangers? Then you should consider the food and beverage BaseLine from Alfa Laval. The Alfa Laval BaseLine is an adaptable GPHE for dairy, beverage or water applications that are less sensitive, but still need the exact combination of temperature and holding time for accurate and safe heating and cooling, featuring: • Large plate surface area optimizes heat transfer efficiency while lowering pressure drops • FDA and 3-A compliant, glue-less food grade gaskets • Heavy-duty, all [...]

Plate Heat Exchanger Service - Clean Test & Regasketing|Alfa Laval BaseLine Heat Exchanger

Specing Heat Exchangers? Consider the Food and Beverage BaseLine

Are you in the process of spec'ing your heat exchangers? Then you should consider the food and beverage BaseLine from Alfa Laval. The Alfa Laval BaseLine is an adaptable GPHE for dairy, beverage or water applications that are less sensitive, but still need the exact combination of temperature and holding time for accurate and safe heating and cooling, featuring: • Large plate surface area optimizes heat transfer efficiency while lowering pressure drops • FDA and 3-A [...]

SPX PD Pump Sale

Harvill Industries’ Huge SPX PD PUMP Sale

Harvill Industries is pleased to offer special discounted pricing on SPX Positive Displacement Pumps while supplies last! Please contact us using PROMO CODE SPX2015 to get a discount on SPX PD Pumps. We look forward to hearing from you! Check out the Harvill Industries - SPX Positive Displacement Pump sale today! Harvill Industries is a systems integration, sanitary equipment, process design, and OEM service provider to industry leading professionals in a wide variety of fields [...]

October 2015

Sujuyja Virgin Water wine

Virgin Water – Organic Honey Wine is Buzzing in Mexico

Something is buzzing in the wine world, and it’s happening Mexico. Agripino Morales, a local producer of honey in Bacalar, usually sells his all natural organic honey worldwide, but when 25% of his harvest wasn’t up to the international standards that would allow it to be sold he was determined to repurpose the honey and find another use for it. That’s when he had the brilliant idea of making wine sweetened with his organic honey. Back in 2011, Morales started [...]