Blue Bell

Blue Bell Ice Cream Coming Back to a Store Near You

Blue Bell Blue Bell Creameries finally has production up and running once again after a long hiatus due to a nationwide listeria recall that saw millions of gallons of blue bell products returned and left production halted. It’s good to know for all you ice cream lovers out there that Blue Bell trucks are on the road to a supermarket near you. Earlier this week on Tuesday Blue Bell uploaded a video and written message to the company’s Facebook and Twitter profiles that announced their delivery trucks were enroute to stores to deliver their beloved ice cream. The company said they’ll be sure to inform fans where and when they can buy Blue Bell ice cream very soon. Earlier this month the Alabama Department of Health allowed Blue Bell to begin production at the company’s Sylacauga, Alabama production facility. There’s no word yet as to when the Oklahoma and Texas facilities will be operational. At least the trucks are back on the road and no matter how long it takes to for Blue Bell ice cream to get back on store shelves it was the right call to issue the voluntary recall on their products. Over 8 million gallons of ice cream were wasted, but that’s nothing to the amount of people that could’ve fell victim to the contaminated dairy products.

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