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Blue Bell Resumes Production in Texas

Blue Bell Creamery
Blue Bell Creameries, makers of the Blue Bell ice cream you know and love, has resumed producing products at their facility in Brenham, Texas. The facility in Brenham is just one of many that Blue Bell was forced to close months ago due to a Listeria outbreak that contaminated their dairy products. Several people became ill as a result of the outbreak, and Blue Bell issued a voluntary recall that saw millions of gallons of ice cream destroyed. Not only that, many Blue Bell employees found themselves out of work as a result of the shutdown.
Living in Texas, it’s really great to know that Blue Bell is recovering from this debacle and is producing and distributing in the state once again. The vice president of Blue Bell operations, Greg Bridges, said over the past months Blue Bell has been preparing for and have been eagerly awaiting resuming operations at the facility in Brenham, Texas.
Although production has resumed at the Brenham facility, the company isn’t operating at 100%. Blue Bell Creameries wants to ensure that the new procedures they’ve put in place are effective at preventing a similar outbreak in the future. The major ice cream manufacturer has implemented new facility enhancements, procedures, and employee training to help correct the mistakes of the past. At the time of this publication, Blue Bell Creameries doesn’t have a specific date for when ice cream manufactured at the Brenham, Texas facility will be available for purchase. Blue Bell plans to monitor and test all ice cream produced at the facility before they distribute it to retailers.
Blue Bell has a five-phase plan to have all of their dairy products in retail stores and home freezers and is currently in phase two of five. The company will enter phase 3 of their five phase plan on December 14. Roughly 700 of Blue Bell’s employees have also returned to work.
Production resumed operations at the Blue Bell facilities in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and Sylacauga, Alabama earlier this year.

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