Butterfly Valves T-smart 7


Butterfly valves in the new T-smart 7 series provide a complete range of variants to serve any application. They are used as cost-effective shut-off elements on valve blocks, panels and pipe fences for product and cleaning.

The Butterfly Valves T-smart 7 are characterized by their hygienic design without dome and sump. The product flow meets little resistance, product areas drain automatically and cleaning proceeds efficiently. The T-smart 7 series offers the benefits of good hygienic design, higher ease of assembly, shorter assembly and maintenance times and thus higher production uptimes

Significant Features
  • Robust valve disk
  • Low switching torque
  • One-piece flange design
  • Selection of 2 metallic product wetted materials
  • Product wetted parts in AISI 304 (1.4301) or AISI 316L (1.4404)
  • Compact, hygienic design
  • Metallic stops
  • Torque maxima towards both end positions
  • Air-to-spring and air-to-air variants available
  • Integrated T.VIS® interface
  • 2 actuator dimensions available
    DN 15 to DN 100 and ½” OD to 4″ OD
    DN 125 and DN 150
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