#MilkTruth aims to set the record straight about Milk

The DMI and PEP break the silence and strike back in response to the wild and unsubstantiated claims that milk is bad for you, with new #MilkTruth social media campaign. Backed by studies from major universities, they’re setting the record straight on milk once and for all.     The dairy industry has had enough. Fed up with all the lies and deceitful practices, they’ve started a cutthroat social media campaign aimed at setting the record [...]

TruMoo protein plus

TruMoo Protein Plus, Dannon Creamery top our Best New Dairy Products poll

Dannon Creamery, TruMoo Protein Plus, and Mr. Cheese O's, manufactured by Sonoma Creamery,  are the top three highest voted dairy products in "Dairy Foods' 2014 Best New Dairy Products" poll. Dannon Creamery, TruMoo Protein Plus, and Mr. Cheese O’s were among the list of over 20  dairy products nominated by the Dairy Foods staff. As an added bonus, Dairy Foods named Dannon Creamery one of the 10 Editors' Choice products for 2014. TruMoo Protein Plus came in first in the poll, a brand of Dean Foods. Dean [...]