Homogenizer Repair Center

Emergency Homogenizer Repair

  • The only homogenizer repair center in southern U.S.
  • We only use genuine OEM parts
  • On-site field service and in-house refurbishment
  • Flexible preventative maintenance contracts
  • APV® drive end repair kits in stock

Homogenizer Repair

Emergency Heat Exchanger Repair

  • On-site Nationwide heat exchanger repairs in 24 hours or less 7 days a week.
  • Response times under 2 hours of initial call.
  • SPX® & Alfa Laval® OEM authorized service center.
  • Preventative maintenance heat exchanger repair service contract options.

Heat Exchanger Repair

Emergency PD Pump Rentals

  • Our Waukesha 130-UI 15 horsepower & Waukesha 30-UI 5 horsepower pumps cover 80% of all pumping requirements.
  • Nationwide delivery in 24 hours or less 7 days a week.
  • Equipped with variable frequency drive motors, speed control, and relief valves.

PD Pump Rental

Emergency Sanitary Pump Repair

Harvill is proud to offer 24/7 emergency on-site repairs. We specialize in the following fields for your emergency repair needs.

  • On-site repair welding
  • On-site Pipeline service repair
  • On-site pump repair
  • On-site valve repair