Flexible Metal Industry

Harvill Industries offers a wide and customizable line of Flexible Metal Hoses. They are engineered to absorb vibration (horizontal, vertical or angular), offset misalignment of pipelines and dampen noise. These problems above all can shorten the life span of the entire systems. 

Harvill Industries is proud to be an authorized distributor for Penflex metal hoses.

Industries Served: Power plants, Gas & Steam Turbine, HVAC, Oil and Gas Drilling, Solar Technology, Hot Metal Processing, Iron Ore Reduction, Cryogenic Liquids, Compressed Gases, Vacuum & UHV Technology, Fuel Cell Power, Oil & Gas Distribution, Pulp and Paper, Shipbuilding and Repair, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Waste and Waste Water, Petro Chemical & Refining, Plastic & Pellet Manufacturing, Laboratories & Instrumentation, Liquid Terminals & Storage Facilities, Tank Cleaning Services, OEM Engine Exhaust.

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