Flowtrend Replacement for the Alfa Laval® ARC Aseptic Seat Valve

  • Air operated seat valve
  • Sanitary, flexible design: stop valve with 2-3 ports, divert valve with 3-5 ports
  • Remotely controlled with compressed air
  • Reliable: few, simple moving parts
  • Intended to be interchangeable with OEM

Suitable for

The Flowtrend ARC -R valve is designed for aseptic conditions and high sterilization temperatures.


  • Open yoke with visible stem coupler
  • Specially designed PTFE/EPDM diaphragm stem seal creates a physical barrier between product and atmosphere
  • PTFE resists product residue build up on product contact surfaces
  • Polished surface areas minimize crevices that hide and trap bacteria
  • Repairable actuator
  • Standard stock item
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