GEA Aseptomag® RV


Aseptomag® single-seat control valves are used for the exact setting and control of parameters such as flow, pressure, temperature, or filling level in aseptic processing plants.

An electro-pneumatic positioner enables the exact setting of the valve stem by controlling the pneumatic actuator. A welded stainless steel bellows is used to hermetically seal the product area from outside contamination. This special design and the durable valve seat seal, made of Tefasep®, enables optimum process and product safety.

Main Components

Housings for control valves are available with either two or three port connections. The valves are produced with standard butt-weld connections by default. Mixed port connection sizes as well as various aseptic pipe connections are available upon request.

Internal Assembly
The internal assembly is available with or without a shrunk or screwed valve seat seal. In addition to the standard sealing material Tefasep®, other material options such as PTFE and EPDM are also available. The control cone is designed as equal-percentage by default.

The standard version of the pneumatic actuator is designed as spring-closing / air-opening (NC). Alternatively, an air-closing / spring-opening (NO) option is available.

Due to its solid construction, the GEA clamp enables a pressure stable and safe connection of the main components. The special design with three segments allows a service-friendly handling of the component, even under tight space conditions.

Positioner / Process Controller
Aseptic control valves are usually equipped with a closed centralized positioner (GRZ) mounted directly on top of the valve by a specifically designed adaptor. Depending on process requirements, it is also possible to apply a process controller instead. Other control options are available upon request.

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