johnsonville CEO Retires

Johnsonville CEO to Retire, Former Oscar Mayer Executive Taking Over in April

johnsonville CEO Retires
Longstanding Johnsonville Sausages CEO Ralph Stayer released a statement saying that he’ll retire at the end of March. Johnsonville Sausages said Nick Meriggioli will be taking over for Stayer as CEO.
Stayer, who will still be involved with the company as chairman of the board, helped shape Johnsonville Sausages since 1968. Stayer is regarded for his leadership techniques that foster workers to take own results of their efforts. Under his hand, Johnsonville expanded to become a nationwide leading brand of sausage supplying all 50 states and in 40  other countries.
“Over the last 70 years, we have worked hard to build a distinctive culture and make exceptional products for our customers, I am pleased to welcome Nick and confident that his track record of building and empowering people is the perfect fit for the company and our members.” – Ralph Stayer, CEO, Johnsonville Sausages
Meriggioli has worked at Kraft Foods for over 20 years constantly climbing the corporate marketing ladder. For the past decade, he has been leading the Oscar Mayer business.

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