KFC Test Beer Cider|KFC Beer Cider

KFC Is Testing Selling Beer

Fast food mega-chain KFC is testing selling beer and cider at a concept store in western Sydney. KFC has filed for a liquor licence for the brand new concept store on Church Street, Parramatta.

 KFC Beer Cider  

The decision to offer alcohol comes after McDonald’s started testing a new, upmarket concept known as The Corner in Sydney’s inner west just before the 2014 winter holidays.


This new KFC concept store will be called  KFC Urban, and in a press release KFC confirmed it would like to offer more than just chicken to their customers. “hopes to introduce a new KFC experience in Parramatta’s CBD in the near future, serving beer and cider as part of its menu”.


The brand new concept store plans to ditch  the usual KFC red and white colors for a more refined decorum by Australian retail design firm The Great Indoors.


KFC Urban look to be designed similarly to KFC Fresh in Canada. Two new stores opened up shop in Toronto in 2014 with a more refined look and menu that includes “the world’s best chicken hand-breaded with your choice of one-of-a-kind hand-spun sauce”, among other things, alongside beers.


The KFC licence for Parramatta hasn’t been approved yet by the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, so only time will tell. We always knew that fried chicken and beer was a perfect combination, it’s about time that Kentucky Fried Chicken finally figured it out, even if they are extremely late to the party.


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