Open Mold Technology

New Packaging Open Mold Technology Increases Profit by Reducing Waste

Open Mold Technology
If your company is interested in making proprietary cups and bottles at around the cost of a basic mold, then you’re in luck. Thanks to the IMA Dairy and Food USA’s open mold technology, food manufacturing companies can do just that.
Until just recently thermoformed packaging was always tapered out or straight walled in order to get them out of the production mold in which they were made. But, with the introduction of the IMA and open mold technology, food manufacturers and packagers can get a bottle that is just as unique as the products they hold inside by forming the the container before being filled and sealed. The IMA’s new system can be applied to a number of food types such as jellies and jams, yogurt, juices, butter, water, sauces and more.
IMA Dairy and Food USA specializes in developing and manufacturing packaging lines and machines for the food and dairy industries. Manufacturers who choose to adopt this new method of thermoforming open mold technology will be capable of producing 16,800 filled bottles or 18,000 filled cups every hour that the line is operating at max capacity. On top of the numerous possibilities of bottle shapes the line can achieve, it can also create numerous styles of labels for the bottle, like spotside and wraparound labels.
One impressive feature of IMA’s open mold technology is the ability to lower waste, an ever important factor when talking about sustainability and reducing excess cost, thanks to an Erca device that stretches plastic to minimize the thickness of the bottom of each container. This small feature decreases the overall plastic waste. The pick and place and die cutting also limits waste material by reducing the amount of plastic needed to create the lids. The savings don’t stop with just reducing waste, companies can also save more on shipping costs due to the reduced weight of each container thanks to the IMA’s open mold technology.

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