Poultry industry

New Study Shows Chicken Industry Boosts Economy with More Jobs, Wages, and Revenues in Past 2 Years.

A new report shows the Poultry Industry has boosted the US economy with more jobs and increased wages for workers, and revenue increases for the past two years.
The poultry industry, producers and processors provide 1,339,900 jobs, providing pay for employees in a total figure that equates to over $74 billion in wages. The industry is also responsible for creating $348.8 billion, having an incredible impact on the US economy, and providing around $24.4 billion in taxes for the country.
As an example, here is the fact sheet for the state of Texas:
Texas Output Sheet – Chicken
Texas Poulty Fact Sheet
You can find specific information on the impact the poultry has had in your state by going to this site: http://www.chickenfeedsamerica.com/

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