Our plate heat exchanger clean, test, & re-gasketing (CTR) service is specific to each brand, model, design, gasket type, and bonding solution for your equipment. We follow an extensive, proven procedure prior to and after your CTR service to guarantee correct bond, positioning, and function.


  • Step 1: CTR Plate Check In

    Each plate and component is logged to give full transparency throughout the maintenance procedure of your heat exchanger. Our trained specialists examine every component prior to beginning any work on your unit. Harvill Industries will only recondition parts that actually need service.

  • Step 2. Clean & Remove Gaskets

    Harvill Industries plate cleaning starts with a high power pressure wash and hand scrub to remove product buildup and scale. Next we soak your plates in a sequence of non-abrasive chemicals, which varies based on the deposits on the surface of the plates, to completely eliminate deposits and restore plate effectiveness.

  • Step 3. Custom Plate Dye-Testing

    Harvill Industries standard is 100% dye test, for locating cracks, breaks, holes, and a multitude of other failure types prior to re-gasketing the plates. Our florescentdye-is sprayed on 1 side of each plate and then read in a Dark Room under a black light, allowing us to uncover failures that are otherwise easily missed. Defective plates are logged and a Failure report is sent to the customer. Plate defects found early will remove cross-contamination concerns and save money in the long run.

  • Step 4. Gasket Groove Preparation

    The Technicians at Harvill Industries are trained to look for a rolled gasket groove throughout the evaluation procedure to prevent re-gasketing. If it’s not found, the plate pack will not seal properly and lead to unexpected downtime and expenses.

  • Step 5. Gasket Testing, Application, and Use

    Our techs only use O.E.M. gasket materials defined for your manufacturing conditions. We select proper adhesives based on your application and operating temperature and pressure levels.

  • Step 6. Heat Curing in Industrial Ovens

    Prior to heating, we use specific tightening measurements to compress the gasket into the plate groove. We heat cure all of the glued gaskets under specific pressure in our industrial powered ovens as specified by the OEM of the model & type being refurbished. We implement this process as a standard because heatcured gaskets lasts up to ten times longer than clip on Gaskets when the operation calls for opening the unit multiple times throughout the run cycle. Just another way our clean, test, and re-gasket process saves you money in the long run.

  • Step 7. Final Inspection & CTR Reporting

    We inspect every plate for gasket straightness, strong bonding, surplus adhesives, and any deformities. If any plates fail to meet our stringent standards they will be reworked at no charge.