GEA 24 / 7 PMO Valve®

  • 24 / 7 PMO Valve® 2.0 is standardized and tailor-made for use in PMO-regulated systems.
  • The 24 / 7 PMO Valve® is a registered trade mark of GEA.  It describes double-seat valves that have been authorized for use in PMO-regulated systems, where seat lifting occurs to clean the leakage chamber while the other pipeline is carrying product.
  • This system design allows operators the possibility of cleaning all valve parts in contact with the product simultaneously with the production process. In this way, the valves permit uninterrupted production on a 24 / 7 basis.
  • Dairy plants that are subject to the PMO use this valve in all non-aseptic process areas, e.g. milk reception, raw milk storage and distribution systems, pasteurizer in- and outlets and filling lines. This method prevents any mixture between a product pipe and a pipe carrying cleaning media.
  • When the valve is closed, (non-actuated position), there are always two seals between the separated pipelines. If one seal is defective, the resulting leakage will be directed through the leakage outlet into the periphery, without mixing with the product in the second pipeline.
  • Available in sizes 1 ½” OD to 6” OD.