Pulsation Dampener


The Harvill Industries patented Vibra Quell VQ2 is the only 3A approved pulsation dampener on the market. The VQ2’s patented design absorbs pressure surges, and refeeds those surges back into the system during pressure drops.

The Vibra Quell VQ2 also maximizes linear flow, increases production efficiency, extends the lifetime of your equipment, and is the only 100 percent clean in place compatible solution for reducing line chalk in sanitary applications.

The Only 3-A Approved Pulsation Dampener in the Market

Our Vibra Quell II pulsation dampener increases system efficiency and equipment life expectancy and reduces unexpected maintenance costs by absorbing pressure surges and re-feeding these surges back into the system during pressure drops.

When mounted in the discharge line of a positive displacement pump the Vibra-Quell II maintains a steady line flow and eliminates noise, shock, and equipment damage.

It accommodates lines sizes from 1 to 4 inches and is easy to install and maintain with sanitary clamp connections. All product contact services are 316 stainless steel and are approved for sanitary process applications.

Pulsation Dampener Materials and Construction

All of the product contact parts are manufactured of 316 Stainless Steel. The Stainless clamps and other parts normally not in contact with the product zone are corrosion resistant materials as normally used in sanitary applications. All product contact parts used in the manufacture of Vibra-Quell II are to have material certification of 316SS for metal parts. Elastomers are to have certification that they are molded of 3-A approved compound.

Pulsation Dampener Design

Sanitary pulsation dampeners have different construction however, they all use a gas chamber to absorb pressure surges that are then fed back into the line as the pressure drops. By this action they provide a more uniform flow.
The primary criteria for developing the Vibra-Quell II Pulsation Dampener was creating an effective, compact unit, easy to clean, inspect and service.

Vibra-Quell II Benefits


  • Cracked HTST plates from homogenizer flow.
  • Broken lines from flow vibration
  • Noise & shock of pump cavitation as caused by evacuating a high vacuum chamber.
  • Loose clamps from line vibration

Pulsation Dampener Solutions

  • Easy to clean. CIP cleaning by flexing the full extension of the diaphragm
  • Easy to install with clamps in line
  • Easy to service without removing from line
  • Injection molded diaphragm (liner)
  • Process line sizes 1″ through 4″ Tube OD
  • Product contact all 316 stainless steel