APV DELTA MS4 and MSP4 Aseptic Valves

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APV DELTA MS4 and MSP4 Aseptic Valves Aseptic single seat valves designed for aseptic applications in,beverage, dairy,pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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  • Suitable for up to 10 bar process pressure depending on size
  • High temperature capability
  • Long diaphragm lifetime
  • A variety of valve body configurations enables efficient system designs
  • Immediate detection of leakage
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance compared with bellows ensures low cost of ownership
  • EHEDG and 3A approved (MSP4 available with USP Class VI approved diaphragm and diaphragm shaft)
  • Efficient CIP and SIP cycles due to open geometry and accessibility without any dead areas or air pockets
  • The bolted housing closure ensures tight sealing and needs no retightening, even after many SIP cycles
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