EcoPure™ Centrifugal Pump

EcoPure™ Centrifugal Pump

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LEAK-FREE* DESIGN The EcoPure™ sanitary centrifugal pump line from SPX represents an innovative range of magnetically driven, hygienic pumps for common applications which require low viscous fluid transfer. Total containment of the liquid inside the pump is achieved using a hermetically sealed chamber, which isolates the process fluid from the surrounding environment. This eliminates the need for mechanical seals and the associated wear and leakage that would normally be experienced with pumps which incorporate mechanical seal designs. The magnetically driven pumps are therefore not only environmentally friendly (due to no product leakage, or seal flush water to treat), they also contribute to improved process up time in food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical plants.

No seals to replace or maintain equating to: – increased uptime, lower maintenance costs – less potential for contamination – less infrastructure required (no water lines or controls for seal flushing)

  • Key components manufactured from bar stock or forged for high durability, precision and efficiency
  • Pump is designed to virtually eliminate issues associated with vibration, noise, short bearing life, low NPSH requirements, high seal maintenance costs and poor tolerance to adverse operating conditions
  • Reliable and heavy duty design
  • Energy efficient
  • 3-A and EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) compliant
  • Designed for CIP (Cleaning in Place) as well as SIP (Sterilizing in Place)
  • Suitable for a wide variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical products
  • Utilize one piece fl ow manufacturing process for quick ship deliveries

* Leak-free based on the absence of a mechanical seal.