Sani-Flow Digital Thermometers

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Compact Design: Means that these units will fit just about any location. No need to design around a bulky
RTD or temperature transmitter.
Durability: All exterior surfaces are 316L stainless steel with a near mirror finish and the connector contacts
are gold plated copper to assure maximum corrosion resistance and cleanability. All components are surface
mounted to protect the electronics from damage caused by vibration. Transmitters incorporate enhanced
EMI/RFI rejection circuitry to prevent interference from outside sources.
Cleanability: These 3-A approved hermetically sealed sensors are IP-67 (NEMA 4X) rated for temporary
submersion and can be aggressively washed down. They can be cleaned in place (C.I.P), steamed in place (S.I.P.)
and the transmitter is even capable of being autoclaved. The exterior has a clean, sanitarian preferred watershed
design that is self draining.
Connectorized: Both the RTD and the Temperature Transmitter come with a standard 12mm industrial
connector with gold plated contacts. This allows for quick and easy installation and removal. No complicated
leaking wiring heads or tools required, simply plug in the connector and go. Cable can be purchased from CSE
or from most industrial supply warehouses.
Accuracy: Sensor elements are accurate up to ±0.1°C. Our PT-100 (Platinum 100 Ohm)
3 wire thin film RTD element ensures durability and the quickest most accurate reading possible.
Repairable: Designed with realization that nothing is indestructible, our sensors have been engineered
to be repairable for a fraction of the replacement cost. The electronics can even be field replaced.
Field Calibratable: The zero and span of CSE Temperature Transmitters can be adjusted easily.
They can even be calibrated or have their range changed in the field by a knowledgeable technician.
Traceability: All CSE sensors are permanently marked with model and serial numbers which allows for easy
identification. We can even mark them with your numbers if preferred.
Service: As with all CSE products, these sensors come with our outstanding customer service where you can
always talk to a knowledgeable engineer. Our sensors are available with many different fittings – most shipped
from stock. We can also make special probe lengths to your exact requirements. All of this with a no hassle
return policy and no restocking charges on standard items makes CSE RTD and Transmitters the perfect
solution for your temperature sensing requirements.
TT – Temperature

Technical Data