Waukesha Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger – Votator II Vertical

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For more than 80 years, Votator scraped surface heat exchangers have been replacing slow, inefficient batching operations with more uniform, controllable and repeatable continuous processing.

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The Votator II incorporates the most popular features of the Thermutator and Votator lines. The unique hydraulic system on the vertical unit makes inspection easy without the use of tools.  

  • No tools required to inspect blades inside unit
  • Unique hydraulic system for easy mutator removal; two units are able to run off of one hydraulic cylinder
  • 3A, ASME, and PED Certified

Single and Double Mechanical Seals

  • Greater material choices for various applications (ceramic, carbon, silicon carbide, and tungsten carbide)
  • Available in standard and narrow faces
  • Ease of maintenance and lower cost of ownership

PEEK‚Ñ¢ Blades  

  • 100% PEEK‚Ñ¢ – no filler or inserts
  • Available in metal detectable version

Integral Gear Motor Drive

  • Gear drive is directly coupled to the mutator shaft eliminating the need for a secondary drive shaft and bearing block.
  • Overall length of heat exchanger is reduced by 20 ‚Äì 25%.
  • Easy to maintain and self-aligning
  • Available with up to 30 horsepower for handling the most viscous products

Removable Heat Transfer Tube

  • Can be serviced without disturbing hydraulic lifting system, utility piping, or the drive assembly
  • Flange bolted to the jacket on the non-driven end allows for quick removal.
  • Reliable double O-Ring seal on each end eliminates the need for an expansion joint.

Heat Transfer Area

  • Units are available with up to 11 sq ft of heat transfer area (6 X 84)


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