Waukesha Universal Lobe Series Positive Displacement Pump

Waukesha Universal Lobe Series Positive Displacement Pump
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Waukesha Universal Lobe Series Positive Displacement Pump feature bidirectional flow with a free draining internal flat profile pump body. Uniquely designed Waukesha “88” alloy rotors permit running at tighter clearances and higher efficiencies.

The Universal Lobe Pumps were specifically designed for a different challenge: lower cost and CIP (clean in place) applications.

While intended for lower cost, Universal Lobe Pumps are not light duty. They incorporate the advanced technology of the new Universal II PD pump that strengthens sanitary performance and extends pump life. They are capable of accommodating high temperatures and pressures up to 300 psi (21 bar).


Universal Lobe Pump Series utilizes the Universal II gear case with 3-way mounting flexibility. It offers the full range of seal and port options and has Integral Speed Reducer (ISR) mounting capabilities.


Features and Benefits


  • Free draining cover in horizontal or vertical port position
  • Rotor/shaft connection sealed from product zone
  • Non-galling Waukesha “88” alloy rotors
  • Mechanical seals standard; single or flushed double seals optional
  • Optional steam-in-place and seal flush
  • 316 stainless steel pump body and cover; 316L pump body optional
  • Additional options: jacketed cover, steam-in-place and seal flush, stainless steel bearing frame, electropolish of product contact surfaces
  • Maximum pressure: 200-300 psi (13.8-20.7 bar), depending on model
  • Temperature range: -40¬∞ F (-40¬∞ C) to 300¬∞ F (149¬∞ C)

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