Training for Ballast Water Treatment Retrofits

With the market for retrofitting facilities with Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment systems in full swing, the ability for suppliers to deliver treatment systems will be just one cog in a much larger machine. You’ll also need to learn specific knowledge and skill sets to design and install the retrofit. Because of this, Alfa Laval have created a brand new comprehensive training program that helps engineering companies learn how to work with the PureBallast   Alfa Laval is preparing to meet this new retrofit boom head on. With a little preparation Alfa Laval will be ready to offer a strong network of internal and external networking engineering partners that can provide technical solutions.

Building Knowledge and Cooperation

Alfa Laval’s training courses will offer in depth coverage of a variety of technical aspects affecting PureBallast installation and design. But they also deal with cooperation, workflow and documentation, which ensures a smooth process along with a professional and correct result.   Engineering companies are believers in preparing for whatever comes next, and they need access to the knowledge that Alfa Laval has gained throughout the years of working with retrofit solutions in ballast water treatment.   The retrofit market for ballast water treatment systems is poised to boom in the near future. In order to ensure requisite design and installation skills are in place to meet the demand, Alfa Laval is already hard at work educating and training its engineering partners for Alfa Laval PureBallast.

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