Harvill Hose Sales

Harvill Hose sales are heating up! Weather isn’t the only thing hot in Texas! Our Sanitary, Flexible, Metal, Hydraulic and Industrial hose assemblies are built to YOUR specs! Harvill Industries Team will help you get the hose you need. Call us at 972-438-3377 and let us help you today! Email brianh@harvill-ind.com or pduddleston@harvill-ind.com today!

Training for Ballast Water Treatment Retrofits

With the market for retrofitting facilities with Alfa Laval’s ballast water treatment systems in full swing, the ability for suppliers to deliver treatment systems will be just one cog in a much larger machine. Alfa Laval have created a brand new comprehensive training program that helps engineering companies learn how to work with the PureBallast Alfa Laval is preparing to meet this new retrofit boom head on.

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Facility

When you choose the ideal site for a new food manufacturing, processing, or packaging plant, you should first ask yourself a very important question: “How will this new location help my company thrive?” If you put together a solid business plan based on the type of goods sold and the quantity of the goods youContinue reading “Things to Consider When Choosing a New Facility”

New Food Packaging Additive WESTON 705

The recent increased interest in the consumer wellness movement for more wholesome food and ingredients has made major companies like Nestle and Kraft jump on the trend by eliminating artificial ingredients. Now food and beverage companies are looking at food packaging as the next big step in food safety. Back in the early years ofContinue reading “New Food Packaging Additive WESTON 705”

Harvill Industries is BBB Accredited A+

  Did you know that Harvill Industries is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited business? The BBB was founded in 1912 as a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of increasing the trust and transparency in the marketplace. For over 100 years the Better Business Bureau has been providing consumers with an outlet to haveContinue reading “Harvill Industries is BBB Accredited A+”